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What We Do For Bend and Central Oregon Businesses

Learn More About Website Development

Website Development

We build websites that range from a static one-page brochure on up in order to meet your business’ needs.

Learn More About Website Management

Website Management

We’re with you for the long haul, making sure your website stays up to date and secure.

Learn More About E-Commerce Design

E-Commerce Design

If your business needs to transact business online, we can provide you with a number of possible solutions.

Learn More About Web Marketing

Web Marketing

We can enable your business to create an out-sized online presence to attract new customers.

Learn More About Search Optimization

Search Optimization

Being found by Google is no longer optional, but good rankings require sustained effort and expertise.

Learn More About Business Strategy

Business Strategy

We can provide ad-hoc or sustained help to you with strategy, planning, and problem solving.

We are Passionate About Helping Bend and Central Oregon Small Businesses

You can’t look at very many small business websites before stumbling on one that is poorly maintained and no longer functioning correctly. Usually, it’s because these businesses paid a premium price for the initial development and then had to scrimp on the critical maintenance and updates that inevitably follow. We work a bit differently than most other web development agencies:

  • We do not charge large up-front fees and  we do charge fees that are very affordable for very small businesses.
  • We can spread costs over many months.
  • We do not expect any payment until you accept the proposal.
  • We do not start monthly charges until the website is deployed.
  • We do set up a long-term contract to ensure a long-term business relationship.
  • We do recognize that websites must be actively maintained in order to be reliable, functional, and useful.

We Specialize in Serving Our Bend Oregon Community

We live in and love Central Oregon. We are dedicated to helping small businesses here start, grow, and thrive.

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Before We Start, We Provide

  • A no-charge meeting to understand your business, where you need help and your overall requirements.
  • A detailed proposal of services to be rendered.
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Before Deployment, We Provide

  • A website implementation that meets your approval.
  • A domain naming strategy.
  • A Google search optimization strategy.
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After Deployment, We Provide

  • Monthly review and installation of all needed security and bug fixes.
  • Monthly SEO review and optimization.
  • Daily monitoring for any hacker infiltration.
  • Web traffic reports.
  • Minute-by-minute monitoring of website downtime and emergency response for websites that go down unexpectedly.
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©2024 3 Rivers Business Design

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