Business Strategy

We can be an experienced business partner to help you develop business plans tailored to your needs and objectives.

Mission and Focus

Small business owners are by nature creative and often have more ideas than they can pursue.  We can help define your core business mission and narrow your focus.

Product/Services Definition

Choosing what products and services your business offers is a core mission.  We can help get your mix to be spot-on.

Marketing Plans

Reaching out to potential customers in a cost-effective way can be difficult.  We can help clarify your strategy and help with your execution.

Operational Plans

Execution will determine whether your business stays around for the long haul.  We can help analyze what you do and brainstorm with you on ways to improve.

Financial Planning

Finance plans and controls are critical – but are not always what small business owners do well.  We can help.

Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting

Cash flow is the blood supply of your small business.  Otherwise successful business can find themselves in crisis when this part goes wrong.  We can help you figure out where you are and where you’re going.

Employee Management

Setting up direct employees as well as contractors presents numerous challenges that we can assist. 

Point of Sale Technology

Point of sale terminals are a critical component of many small businesses.  There are many to choose from and integrating them into your business can be complex.  We can help.

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©2024 3 Rivers Business Design