Los Osos Valley Nursery

Working with 3 Rivers Business Design was an amazing experience. We didn’t have to tell Dave much beyond our basic goals, because he asked all the right questions and knew what details were needed before we did. Communication and efficiency were beyond our expectations. Dave has an amazing take on business in general, and knows how to make a website that people will find interesting, usable, easy to navigate and maintain. He is so easy to work with, with a calm demeanor even the face of the confusion of non-tech-savvy individuals. We highly recommend using 3 Rivers Business Design for all your website building needs! We were lucky to find him.

Tish Linsley

Owner, Los Osos Valley Nursery, Los Osos, California

Tish Linsley came to us with an unfortunate but all-too-common story: her long-time nursery business once had a website but they had inadvertently allowed their domain registration to lapse and get hijacked by domain flipper.  Rather than pay his exorbitant demands, the business had gone without a website for quite some time.  We were able to help her out in a number of ways.

We researched alternative domain names for the nursery that would tie in well with the business’s overall marketing strategy. Once a domain name strategy was agreed upon, we handled all the registration complexities and made sure that Tish had clear ownership of the new domain and that fail-safe procedures were put in place to avoid losing it again in the future.

We created a brand new website for the nursery (along with a brand new logo) that reflected the overall visual appeal of the physical business and presented information to customers in an easy-to-digest way.

We created an event announcement into the website that also integrated with a business newsletter to encourage and energize their customers to interact with the nursery.

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