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I have been a graphic design professional for most of my life and have worked with companies such as Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems. I have been a fine artist as well over all of those years, earning a degree in art from Stanford University and a Graduate degree in Fine Arts from San Francisco State University and post-graduate degrees from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

As my artistic life continued, I needed a website for my ongoing fine art career.  I made a substandard site with Squarespace by myself that never was very good and realized that I needed professional help.

I contacted Dave at 3 Rivers Business Design and we were able to design and implement a collaborative site that included everything that I needed to fully realize my site ideas.

David is a smart, friendly, intuitive partner who I would recommend to anyone who wants or needs business or internet guidance for whatever goals they need or want to implement.

Mark Brown

Artist, Mark Brown Digital Arts

Mark Brown is an amazing artist with a very large body of work that was not being shown at its best on his home-made website. The challenge was to allow users to easily see all of his various images and books in an accurate way, but was also easly navigable and quick.  Plus, Mark had strong ideas about the visual aesthetic of the site, so close collaboration and being able to iterate through many ideas was a must!

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