Website Management

Small businesses often struggle with the tasks associated with maintaining their websites on a regular basis.  Such maintenance takes both time and technical expertise and a business owner’s attention must usually be focused elsewhere. We always set up our clients with long term agreements so that their websites are kept current and working.

Here are some website management services that we routinely offer to our clients.


We will regularly update your business website software to make sure it’s working on the latest version with all the most recent security enhancements.

Reviewed With You

We will perform periodic reviews of your website content to make sure it stays aligned with your overall business goals.


We will perform regular monitoring, reporting and analysis of your website analytics so that you can see who is accessing your website and construct strategies on how this traffic can be increased.

Backed Up

We will perform regularly scheduled backups to make sure no data is lost or stolen.


We will perform periodic reviews of your website performance to assure that it is healthy and working well.


We will constantly monitor your website to make sure that it is not “down” or broken.

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©2024 3 Rivers Business Design