Wild Poppy Florist

We wanted to write a letter of recommendation and heartfelt thanks to 3 Rivers Business Design.

We were two girls with an idea of opening a brick and mortar flower shop in the fall of 2017.  3 Rivers Business Design helped us implement that idea into a reality. They did immense research on our behalf, crunched numbers, gave good sound financial advice and helped us to open our doors in April 2019. They were always available and happy to assist. They created a beautiful website on our behalf that we update frequently. They helped make our business a success. We can’t thank Dave and Linda enough for all of their help and their friendship. We will happily recommend 3 Rivers Business Design to anyone needing assistance in reaching their business goals.

Charla Hanson and Paula Horn

Owners, Wild Poppy Florist, Sunriver Oregon

Paula and Charla came to us when they were still just in the planning phase of opening up a new florist shop in Sunriver Oregon, so we were able to help them in a lot of interesting ways:

We created and have been maintaining the Wild Poppy website ever since the store opened, including a major makeover after one year as well as more minor updates, security, and software infrastructure updates.

We researched and executed a web-based e-commerce solution for the shop so customers could order online directly from them.

We helped them develop an overall business plan, including a first-year cash flow forecast. This aspect presents a significant challenge to many new business owners but is critical for success.

We worked with their graphic artist of choice on the shop logo. This can be difficult to get right, as it requires marrying an artistic vision to technical requirements of a website and other digital media applications.

We researched options for a point of sale system for Wild Poppy’s brick-and-mortar shop: a particularly complex problem for flower shops because of the complexity of their inventory, need for timely home delivery, and need for integration with the floral wire services.

We set up a temporary photographic studio in the New shop to create good quality pictures of Wild Poppy’s initial product offerings.

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